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Netflix Streaming Down on Some Devices

June 5, 2014

Netflix streaming down on Apple TV, Chromecast

By Gilbert Falso :: 9:11 PM

Netflix’s streaming video service appears to be down for many users in the U.S. and Canada this evening. Shortly after 9:00 PM Eastern time, users flooded Twitter with complaints that the service was slow or not working at all.

It does not seem to be a widespread outage yet, and judging by many of the Tweets, users most affected appear to be those streaming via a device like Apple TV or Google’s Chromecast.

Users report slow video load times, or videos halting in the middle of playback with an error message stating that the title cannot be played at this time.

Netflix has not responded to the outage complaints yet, and has not verified that there is indeed an issue with their service.

The outage comes on the evening before the long-awaited premier of season 2 of the hit Netflix original series Orange is the New Black. Many users are bemoaning the fact that Netflix’s servers aren’t up to the task of streaming on a Thursday night, let alone ready for the expected crush of traffic tomorrow when the new season debuts.

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  1. gwtx2 permalink

    It’s out on my Amazon Fire TV.