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Cows Come Running for Trombone Cover of ‘Royals’

August 4, 2014

Farmer plays Royals for cows on trombone

By Cynthia Herhert :: 8:17 PM

You’ve no doubt heard the song ‘Royals’ by√ā¬† New Zealand singer-songwriter Lorde, but have you heard it played on trombone?

Well, these cows have, and they come running from across the pasture just to listen to Kansas farmer√ā¬†Derek Klingenberg serenade them from a lawn chair.

In a video that√ā¬†Klingenberg posted to YouTube over the weekend, the farmer is seen taking his instrument out into the empty field, and he begins to play the first few bars of the pop song. Within a few seconds, you can already see the cows coming over the horizon, curious about the tune they hear.

Klingenberg, from Peabody, Kansas is no stranger to YouTube fame. His parody of ‘What Does the Fox Say?,’ entitled ‘What Does the Farmer Say?’ garnered more than 4 million views last year.

Want to hear what the cows came mooooving down the hill for? Take a listen below!

  1. R VB permalink

    Can I ever eat another burger?………………………………………Yeah, Still will, but this is remarkable. Who are we to decide on what level all of God’s creatures discern…

  2. LawfanWllc permalink

    I will drink milk only from now on.